New Addition….

So last year we decided to walk into a pet store! Oh dear….. We usually rescue NEVER purchase!  Staring back at us were 3 tiny little kittens.  OMG, cute beyond cute! We were hoping they were all boys as we could never take another boy into the house as Fat Pete would not be happy! Of course there was one girl!…. So can we hold her? So can we take her home? And that was that.  A tiny little Blue eye kitten joined our family! 

We introduced her to Rosie first.  Of course she lovesssssssssssss cats (more than dogs I think sometimes).  We (we being me, Mark, Rosie and kitten) all sat in our 2nd bathroom for a few hours.  Kitten was nervous at first but by the time she had been with Rosie for two hours, she was quite happy to sleep next to her. (so cute) 




Pete on the other hand was not a very happy kitty.  He was introduced to her slowly.  He literally walked round the house growling for a month.  If he saw her, he attacked her.  Kitten on the other hand, was not scared of him and stood her ground! 

6 months on, they play together, and seem to enjoy each other’s company.  Pete will still bully her but he tolerates her.  Rosie loves her kitten , and little one has grown into a beautiful cat.  She is very lovely – little too much at times but we love her dearly.

As for a name for kitten…. Polly-Anna…. Completely adorable name for our new addition!Image

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Quick Run Down….

So it’s May.  Spring is here finally although we can’t really complain about the Winter.  It was really mild.  We did not have too much snow and we only reached the -30’s for one week.  What we did suffer with more, was the warmer weather coming and going , so we had more of a problem with ice this year.  Everything kept melting during the day then it would drop to below freezing and everything would freeze… I like to walk the dog early morning but early morning meant it was still iced over…. I can not remember how many times I fell over! Getting older means I do not bounce up so easily and have now damaged certain body parts for good.  Oh hum!


Anyway, some pics from over the winter for you to enjoy!Image

Before the snow





The only time Rosie had to wear her boots all winter!




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Exciting Year S…

Exciting Year So Far….


It has been nearly a year since I sat down to write anything down.  Life has been pretty crazy I must say.  I resigned from my job towards the end of last year and set up my own business from beginning of the year.  It has been exciting but not without lots of stress along the way.  I am no where near where I want to be but like anything it will take time…. I just hope I have the time I need.  We have been in Canada for two years now and anything can happen once we reach two years.  Let’s hope another move is not on the way!  

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melt down begins :)

Thankfully, it is now April and we have a huge melt down going on and the nights are drawing out.  In the summer it will not get dark until after 10.30pm here…. so i am looking forward to the longer days.

We reached 9c today…. the sun was shining just beautifully.  We have grass starting to appear and the huge piles of dirty snow are now melting.  It’s amazing to see how much damage the cold weather has done to the roads and sidewalks.  Thankfully our driveway and path leading to the house survived with no cracking!

The cat has decided he wants to go out and explore now and can be found rolling on the deck loving the sun on his belly.  The problem right now…  there seems to be puddles that are more like lakes, forming everywhere on the streets.  It makes walking Rosie very hard, she collects all the gravel under her belly and comes home very wet indeed.   I have decided that bathing her twice a day is not the best idea ,  so I have taken another month at her doggie day care  (  where she goes and uses the treadmill each day.  30 mins a day helps keep her calm and out of trouble.

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It has been a while…

So, we found ourselves moving one more time.  Long story but problems with immigration and not wanting another expat taking a local job (that a local could not do I might add!)  So we find ourselves in Canada.  Yep, we move from lots of heat to lots of cold!

The move was not without its problems (of course) Our things would not all fit in the one  20ft container – even though it all arrived in one only a few months before plus we had left our sofa/BBQ behind!

Air Canada managed to lose the cat for a few hours (that cat that got stuck in Florida before we moved to Barbados) and then for him to arrive a day early into Edmonton with no place to stay.  Can you believe they actually told me he would be fine sitting in his crate all night in the warehouse…. “what you mean after he has already sat in there for 14 hours” I asked??? Stupid people… They then offered to walk him (??) .  Needless to say I will never use Air Canada to move our animals again.

Finding a rental house for us and the animals was difficult so we ended up buying a lovely little house.  We are now all settled  and very happy.  We had a few months before the snow came down towards the end of the year.  Then it did not stop coming…. and coming… and coming!   The cat had decided it was just way too cold to go out (and who can blame him, with it reaching nearly -40 at times).  The dog, however, loved the snow and would not come in from the back yard on warmer days, when I say warmer days, I mean above -30…. yep, cold like I have never experienced! she would often go out to do her business , and then lift up her paws and then lay down until I went out and picked her up.  Poor little thing, her feet literally froze and she refused to move!  Clearing snow become a daily routine and eventually, I could not longer shovel it from the driveway and onto the piles.  It was just too high! Reaching over 5ft in places!

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Best Friends….

We have a little Shih Tzu who is 2 years old.  Her name is Rosie.  She came into our house and was fascinated with our cats.  Needless to say our cats were not fascinated with her.

As the two cats are not with us right now (a different story but thanks to our previous vet – Dr Block in San Ramon CA they can not leave the USA for 6 months) so here we are in Barbados with no cats.  I miss them and its strange just having the one animal in the house.  I had been volunteering with an animals rescue center – one morning we went out to trap some stray cats to take them to the RSPCA to have them spade or neutered.   We were in a back street, where a kind Bajan lady had been feeding about 30 cats.  She was happy for the older cats to stay but wanted them to stop having babies, plus she wanted the kittens to be taken away and find homes.   3 traps were put down ,  two large cats and one kitten were  inquisitive enough to climb into the cage and eat  some of the yummy tuna.  BINGO the door closed behind them all.

So there it was, a tiny little kitten that needed a home….. of course, I took him home once the vet had checked him out  (small eye infection) .   He was tiny…. hissed at us every time we tried to hold him.  Rosie went crazy and wanted to meet him straight away.  Once they met a few days later, he did not leave her side.  It only took 5 days before he stopped hissing at us.  He soon realized that we feed him so we must be nice!

His first day home wrapped in a towel to protect us from his claws

Meeting Rosie for the first time

5 months on, he still loves his Rosie but he loves cuddles with me too.  He loves to go out each night and hunt, so when he comes back in the morning; he heads straight toRosie for a quick rub against her , then he then comes over to me for his morning cuddle and some quality purr time.

Hope you enjoy these photos of the two of them.

Play time, but we can stop and pose for photo

Sharing the bed

We love each other…..


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Horses and me…..

Several years ago while living in the Middle East I was lucky enough to learn to ride – something that was only a dream up until then.

Goldie, an Arabian had stood in a stall for 2 years and was up for sale.  With the support of my good friend I bought him and she taught me how to look after Goldie.

After 5 years in the Middle East, we sadly had to leave  for a new adventure for USA.  For 3 months I cried as Goldie had to stay behind as we did not have a spare  27 grand to ship him….. er NO!  Anyway, I found him a home and I thought he was going to be well looked after.  After 5 months of living in the States, I was told Goldie was sold.  I was heart-broken all over again.

While I waited for my work visa to come through, I took myself off to a barn and asked if I could work in return for rides.  I was in heaven.  Each morning I was up before the sun (this can be very early in the summer months in Vegas) and turning the horses out, feeding, watering, bathing and exercising until mid day.  Then I met Kelly – she was boarding her two horses at the barn.  We had lots in common as her mum was also British and Kelly spends quite a lot of time there each year.  Kelly and I became great friends.  We had lots of fun riding her two horses (Suena – Arab and Ace – TB).

This is Suena

Ace enjoying a bath

My husband agreed on me getting another horse, but this time I wanted a pony.   So off Kelly and I went on a hunt to find the perfect pony!  Then along came Logan.   A cute palomino pony that loved to jump.

We then moved from Vegas to California; just outside San Francisco.  I found an amazing barn and moved Logan a month after.    My riding improved loads and we even managed our first show coming home with a few ribbons.  After a year in CA and we found ourselves on the move one more time.  This time we were off to the Caribbean  so again I found myself having to sell my pony.

Saying goodbye to a horse who you bond with and spend so much time and hard work , is too hard to let go and so upsetting.  I will not buy another horse now, not until we end up in a Country that we are going to stay living in.  For now, I shall keep on riding, having lessons, learning to be a better rider and having fun.

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